About Us

What makes us who we are
Insurance carriers are always looking for better technology driven solutions to underwrite their property risks in an effort to minimize claims and maximize profits. GAPi was created to support the underwriting efforts of insurance companies that insure Residential Commercial, Habitational, Stadiums/Venues, Industrial and Governmental properties on.

Globally, every property type within a carriers portfolio is insured. Most insurance companies require some type of initial or annual onsite inspection of these properties prior to binding coverage. These inspections have always been completed using ground photography, which the insurance company would make part of their underwriting decision and file. GAPi will now provide companies with not only ground level footage, but also aerial imagery of the insured property and its surroundings. Underwriters can now use this data to effectively underwrite a risk and minimize any underwriting assumptions.

GAPi works closely with many Insurance Companies, Program Administrators, Managing General Agents, as well as independent Agents and Brokers to provide still and video property footage to only GAPi clients.

GAPi can offer:
  • General aerial view of this property and surroundings
  • Close-up aerial view of roof area
  • Replacement of inspector setting and climbing a ladder to access roof area
  • 360° views to identify any hazards
  • Online access to all imagery