Features That Are Above The Rest

New Construction
Quality imagery that provides bi-weekly or monthly aerial photography of a new construction site, which can be extremely useful for insured developers or potential home buyers. See An Example
We provide a safe alternative to the average inspector climbing a ladder to inspect a roof. Our high definition photography will provide a wide visual of the surrounding areas as well as the areas of the dwelling the human eye can’t see from the ground. See An Example
Large commercial buildings with flat roofs and mechanical equipment can sure cause damage to the property below. Annual inspection photos may reveal areas that need to be addressed prior to binding coverage. Insurers can offer premium discounts to insureds for allowing aerial inspection of their building. See An Example
These large property risks require a sophisticated underwriting approach and aerial imagery can assist underwriters with determining risk and adequate premium. See An Example
Infrastructure & Government Subdivisions
We deliver insures an new alternative for property inspection related to Public Entity risks. These unique and complicated risks need aerial imagery for their underwriting process and safeguarding measures. See An Example
Apartments and Habitational
Insurers of apartment and habitational risks provide coverage for owners of condos, apartment buildings and other unit dwelling risks that have unique characteristics and have complex underwriting requirements. See An Example